Airtcraft Rental Requirments


  • Sport Pilot ASEL or higher, or Student w/ solo endorsements
  • Sport Pilots & Sport Students need a US driver license or FAA Medical, & endorsements for speed class (over 87Kts cruise) & class D.


  • Private Pilot ASEL, or Student solo authorization from our CFI, and avionics familiarity.
  • Credit given for for checkouts from our CFI in equal or higher power PA-28/28R.


  • Private Pilot ASEL, or Student solo authorization from our CFI, avionics familiarity.
  • Rental checkout of both carburetor and fuel-injected 172's requires prior experience with both, so checkout should be in the least familiar kind.


  • Private Pilot ASEL, land-plane complex airplane authorization per 14 CFR 61.31, avionics familiarity with logged experience Hot-Starting PA-28R aircraft.
  • EITHER: 25 Hours PIC; 5 Hours Dual and 10 takeoffs and landings with our CFI in type. Up to 3 Hours PA-28R time can be credited for PA-44 checkride passed.
  • OR: 50 Hours PIC ; 25 Hours in a complex land airplane w/ controllable prop(s).


  • Private Pilot AMEL, High Performance and Complex airplane authorization per 14 CFR 61.31, checkout is based on VFR or IFR privileges held.
  • Rental outside of training requires renter's insurance of $50K hull coverage or more.
  • EITHER: 10 Hours dual and 15 takeoffs and landings with one of our instructors in a PA-34-200T. Up to 5 Hours PA-34 time can be credited for the 15 Hours in PA-44 w/ checkride passed in a PA-34 at another school.
  • OR: 50 Hours multi-engine experience including 5 Hours PIC in PA-34-200T or later Senecas. Only requires checkout list items and 3 landings with our instructor.

High Performance & Complex

  • Individual Pilot experience can be reviewed by management to help evaluate checkouts.

Rental Documents

* A complete customer folder, including copies of ID, certificates, checkout test, and appropriate FAA requirements (medical, PIC endorsements, etc) & completed checkout flight by one of our CFI's must be on file before rental.