Private Pilot Certificate

Private Pilot Certificate

Private Pilot is the cornerstone of flying yourself from point A to point B, and the starting point for those who intend to continue adding future ratings or pursue a career. A Private Pilot Certificate is not a license, so it never expires! A private pilot certificate will allow you to fly in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) during the day or night as pilot in command for non-commercial operations. At Falcon Aviation our mission is to train new pilots to be knowledgeable, confident, safe, and proficient pilots.

Our syllabus includes internet-based ground school training that will step you through at your pace while maintaining structured lesson plans. Cessna Pilot Center is available through web browsers and can be accessed through the Cessna Companion app via iPhone or iPad.

Also included is a wealth of information located in the reference library along with over a thousand practice test questions. The course never expires and is always up to date so you will always have access to all the in-depth knowledge and flight previews, well after you finish your training.

Course Overview

Our private pilot course is broken into 3 stages with phases in each stage. Each phase consists of ground school and dual flight instruction, so the material you are learning in class is relevant to your training in the skies.

Stage 1: Learning stage one you will discover principles of aerodynamics, aircraft systems, radio equipment, weather, maneuvers, publications, emergencies, all preparing you for your first solo flight.

Stage 2: Stage two dives into flying cross country, night flying, navigational equipment, and charts. In this stage of training, you will embark on more solo flights and begin exploring other airport environments. This stage is considered a favorite among most students.

Stage 3: Lastly stage three will hone your newly acquired skills in preparation for the practical exam and graduation from this course. In this stage you will encounter a final progress check with a mock “check ride” ensuring your maneuvers and knowledge meet the requirements of this course and the FAA ensuring you are ready for the responsibility of “Pilot-in-Command”.

How much does it cost?

Course RequirementsPart 141Part 61
Ground Instruction24.524.5
Flight Instruction28.830.3
Solo Hours7.510.1
Total Flight Hours36.340.4
$ 9,879.00$ 10,670.00

Outlined in this table is a breakdown of instruction hours and aircraft time, associated fees based on the outlined course training minimums to illustrate the estimated cost of what to expect when obtaining your private pilot certificate. Actual total time may vary from student to student. On average most students will require between 60-75 hours of training.

Private Pilot Requirements

To be eligible for a private pilot certificate, a person must:

  • Be at least 17 years of age.
  • Read, speak, and understand English.
  • 3rd Class FAA Medical or Better
  • Student Pilot Certificate
  • Meet Experience Requirements
  • Pass Private Pilot knowledge exam.
  • Pass FAA Practical Exam